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Spiritual activist

I advocate for and support the rights of animals, the LGBTQ community, nature, and women. She believes that there is a disconnect in human-human relations as well as human-nature relations. That disconnect stems from our disconnect with our higher Self and results in a false narrative of separation. I believe the only way to heal the mind-made idea of separation is through education and facilitation of programs that help people reconnect with Self, others, nature, and the cosmos. Humans, animals, and nature are all parts of ONE consciousness. My professional and personal philosophy is transpersonal, therefore she views all life as parts of ONE spiritual whole. 

Join me in my unitive philosophy and way of life. Go vegan, honor and respect Mother Earth, and treat all humans and animals with kindness and compassion. LOVE!

Tyffany _ Animal Liberation March 2018
2017 Women's March in Sedona, AZ
AZ Youth Climate Strike March 2019
Rescue chicks in Australia 2015
Austin, TX Pride March 2015
AZ Youth Climate Strike March 2019
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