Tyffany Howad is a powerful speaker. She speaks with authority and emotional authenticity. Her message is clear. I felt a call to action in every word she spoke. It was a beckoning toward Love. Tyffany has personally inspired me and I am grateful to have met her and heard her speak.

                                              ----Christine M., attendee of "You are the Light" at First Spiritualist Church of Austin, Austin, TX


Tyffany's ministry at our Spiritualist church in Scottsdale, AZ left a loving and strong impression on me. She understands how to reach into one's heart to shine light on the darkness. It was a pleasure to her her speak. Powerful Lady!

                                                                          ----Michelle E., attendee of  "Shine Your Light: The Story of Coco" at the Spiritualist Living Center, Scottsdale, AZ


Tyffany reveals the truth about healing.  --- S.A., attendee, "The Power of Forgiveness," Surprise, AZ


Tyffany is a gifted speaker who draws you in with her every word. Spirit has blessed her and we all are blessed because of it.

                                                                                               --- Anonymous, attendee at "The Power of Forgiveness", Surprise, AZ


Tyffany is so deeply inspiring. She gets to the very core of your being. She emanates love and you can't help but love her!

                                                                                              --- Anonymous, attendee at "The Power of Forgiveness," Surprise, AZ



Tyffany's talk, "The 9 Steps to Inner Wellbeing" was very helpful to me. The 9 Steps begin with self love and continued in a very well organized and compelling way to end with a demonstration and discussion of tapping. The 9 Steps were good reminders of having a spiritually conscious life. I was lucky to be the one who brought up a stiff neck that we all tapped on together. Tyffany led us on with a script that flowed spontaneously from her and successfully treated my neck. The annoying poppling seems to be lessessed or even stopped. Thank you, Tyffany!

                                                                                            ---Laura S., attendee at "The 9 Steps to Inner Wellbeing," Sedona, AZ