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Tyffany Howard Films presents | Documentary Short Films

Award-Winning Documentary - "Once A Nun Always A Medium"

Once A Nun Always A Medium is my first student documentary film. It's a film about Rev. Dr. Norma J. Turner, a Sister of the Sister of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary for almost 20 years, who blossoms into a Spiritualist Buddhist chanting medium.

The film is 39 minutes long and was filmed in Phoenix, AZ. 

Awarding-Winning Documentary -"Created Elizabeth" 


Created Elizabeth is a one of a kind tongue and cheek performance by 80-year-old, prolific poet, visionary artist, author of over 80 books and holder of 11 academic degrees, Dr. Elizabeth Martina Bishop. If you ask her the same question three times, she will give you three different creative answers. 

Elizabeth was a student of celebrated writer, Joseph Campbell and award-winning poet, Anne Waldman, and classmate of best-selling author, Alice Walker. Her creative brilliance is a weaving of intellect, feeling, playful amusement of life, grit, quirkiness, and spirituality.

Infused with poetic readings, humor, sarcasm, unexpected interview responses, Sedona’s red rocks, nature, and collaboration with one of her mentors. Created Elizabeth celebrates the creative spirit, spirituality, and the work of poets.

The film is 33 minutes long and was filmed in Sedona, AZ.


Official Selection Original Biographical Documentary - "Spirited Tyffany: A Heroine's Journey"

In 2001, Dr. Victoria Lynn Schmidt described the nine stages of the archetypal heroine’s journey in her book, “45 Master Characters: Mythic Models for Creating Original Characters.” Spirited Tyffany is my true story of being a successful criminal trial attorney, who experiences a dark night of the soul which prompted me to release my material possessions, law practice, and old life to embark on a spiritual journey. But before I returned to a new world, my soul pulls me down into the descent, the darkness of four years of homelessness, judgments about my mental state, and death and rebirth. Like the mythical Phoenix, I rose out of the ashes.

This film is 58 minutes long and was filmed in Sedona, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, and Austin, TX.

TYFFANY HOWARD FILMS/ a division of Tyffany Howard, LLC.

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