Group facilitator

Are you looking for a group facilitator for spiritual trainings and events? If so, Tyffany is a dynamic and transformative event facilitator. She co-facilitated the workshop, "Tapping for Forgiveness" with Sandra Kimler for the Dallas Yoga Center in Dallas, TX. Tyffany is not shy about leading her own workshops, like "Tap-Move-Release," held in Austin, TX. Also, she does workshops for churches, like "The Authentic Spiritualist," co-facilitated with the Rev. Dr. Norma Turner at the Spiritualist Desert Church in Las Vegas, NV.

Many thanks to my alma mater, Sofia University, for inviting me to host a Zoom event for perspective and current students, alumni, and the Sofia community in February 2021 - "Sofia Chants HU: A Mantra for Spiritual Growth." We raised our collective vibration!

To invite Tyffany to facilitate a group session or training, send her a message via the "Contact Page."


I had the pleasure of attending Tyffany Howard's workshop, titled "Tap-Move-Release" on Januaury 4, 2015. I did not know what to expect since I had never had a tapping session but I was hopeful that it would be an enlightening and useful experience. During the workshop, my hopes were quickly realized. Tyffany created a comfortable environment where the participants could relax, practice the exercises and share their feelings and experiences without judgment. We tapped, meditated, and released negative thoughts and feelings in an effort to start the year off without taking the baggage of old with us. I left the workshop with a feeling of peace and hopefulness and also some exercises to do to continue to keep any negative thoughts and feelings away. I would highly recommend Tyffany's workshop to anyone who wishes to look at his or her life through a lens of positivity instead of negativity.                   

                                            ~J. Jarmon, attorney, San Antonio, TX.