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"The tapping lady" and her books

tap that!  


This how-to guide to tapping also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is Tyffany's first book, published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Publishing.  In this book, Tyffany shares her life experiences and offers tapping as a tool to heal the challenges that are a part of the human condition. To purchase an autographed copy , please go to the "Shop Page."


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Tyffany's tapping children's book. Five year old Tracy is bullied by two girls because of her hair. Her brother, Jordan, seven years old, teaches Tracy, "taptap."


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If you possess the courage to explore death consciously, Tyffany teaches a simple self-help tool called tapping to help the dying, the caregiver, and anyone curious about the change called death, cope. Tap that too, Healing the Death Trauma weaves spiritual principles, grief, and tapping with Tyffany’s personal stories of engaging with death. With a dash of humor, this simple little book, shares a perspective of death and dying that creates space for acceptance and grace. 


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Book Talks & Signing  appearances

Tyffany has appeared at a number of book fairs and festivals, signings...

Hay House Publishing's I Can Do It Conference, Austin, TX, 2014.

Fort Hood Military Exchange, Fort Hood, TX, 2014.

10th Annual Tulisoma Book Fair and Festival, Dallas, TX, 2015.

National Black Book Festival, Houston, TX, 2015.


Ark Bookstore, Santa Fe, NM, 2015.

Cottonwood Book Fair, Cottonwood, AZ, 2016.

Sedona Books & Arts Festival, Sedona, AZ, 2016.

Just Read Local Author Fair, Phoenix, AZ 2019

What people are saying...

I am grateful and blessed to have been introduced to Tyffany through my sister Louise. Tyffany is so full of genuine love and compassion. I was so incredibly relaxed after her Reiki healing. One of my sessions I had a horrible upset stomach and within 30 minutes of my healing all toxins were purged out of my body. Incredible! Her tapping session relieved me of my sinus tension headache. I usually have such pressure I have to sit quietly with hot packs to ease the pain. Within minutes of her tapping session, I felt reenergized and was able to get up and walk. I am so thankful for all Tyffany has taught me about tapping and will get her book, "tap that!" to continue her healing on my own. She is so gifted. Thank you, Tyffany. ~Janice Klinger, Whitehall, PA

Tyffany, I was at the 8ball city champs and was up to shoot. So nervous I couldn't make even the easiest shots. I knew I had to do something, but I could not really "tap" in front of everyone, so I mentally tapped. It calmed me down and I was not only able to make my shots but came from behind and won. Thanks so much for writing your book, it has helped me so much. Love you, girl!!!

~Amanda G., Belton, TX 

A few months ago I was very blessed to participate in Tyffany's demonstration of the mechanics and real time working of Tapping at a local metaphysical fair. Since that time, I have seen benefits from Tyffany's Tapping solution. I started utilizing tapping to release myself from false beliefs which no longer serve me. Including old and current anxieties, fears, guilt, and shame surrounding all issues of my life. I love tapping and will utilize this tool which Tyffany has shown me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Tyffany for showing me how to tap, tap, tap that issue away! ~Tracy S., Austin, TX

It was very satisfying to gain knowledge and information from content that is rich, honest, direct, thought-provoking and laugh out loud funny. Tyffany Howard's talk and book "tap that" is all that and more. Her presentation is straight-forward and guides our attention inward. It offers the reader the privilege to take inventory of our beliefs, thoughts and ideas that may be keeping us from tapping into our full potential. Tyffany's writing in "tap that!" holds the potential to impact and empower the rest of your life. ~Delia M., Albuquerque, NM

After participating in a group tapping session on bad eating habits, I immediately experienced a sense of peace around this anxiety that has followed me for a lifetime. By tapping, I was able to shift my old perceptions and embrace a new, positive perspective. It has been several weeks since that session and I have witnessed the lasting changes. And an added benefit, I have noticed my mind is generally more peaceful and centered, and that is why I plan to make tapping a regular practice.  Thank you Tyffany for your healing wisdom! ~Lauren G., Austin, TX

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