Everybody is an artist. Love is art. Tapping is art. Feeling is art.

In June of 2016, Tyffany was given an assignment by Archangel Gabriel to write a poetry book, "spiritual 'girl love' poems." When Tyffany asked Archangel Gabriel who woud illustrate the book, Archangel Gabriel responded, "You."  Tyffany was told that she is an artist and the artwork would be channeled.  Then, as she slept,  she started to receive downloads to be able to paint. Archangel Gabriel also told her to call the art, "feeling art," and that she would use only two fingers; the index and middle finger of her left hand to paint.  Because Tyffany teaches "tapping," she was told that she would use tapping like strokes to paint, she decided to name the art, "tapping art."  How would these painting come about? 


Archangel Gabriel would tell Tyffany the colors for the painting and show her in a vision how to paint it.  Before Tyffany paints, she brings up the energy of the person she is paining, meditates on the energy of that person, and then asks Archangel Gabriel to use here as an expression of Spirit's will.  The results are displayed below. 


If these painting resonate with you, please go to the "Shop Page" to purchase a painting or a print. Each painting is an 8in. x 10in and is painted on Ambersand Claybord with eco-friendly paints created by NaturalEarthPaints.com. Original paintings  come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Prints are 8in. x 10in. 


If you are interested in a personalized painting of your energy or want to work with Tyffany using "tapping art" to heal some emotional wounds, please send a Tyffany a message on the form on the "Contact Page."

If you are interested in purchasing one of Tyffany' s art pieces, click on the art and it will take you to the "Shop Page."



Tyffany at Artwalk in Cottonwood AZ
"tunnel of light"
"star power"
"reflection pond"
"field of flowers"